" Wow..The Frosted Pinecones hand cream is fab! The scent is truly to what it is - so fresh, woodsy, beautifully scented yet subtle.. no sticky feel after applied on.. my hands felt soft and supple after.. truly a treat for the hands! Thumbs up for me! :) 
MG New fan.. :) 


"Love..love your Hydrating Mousse cleanser.. cleans thoroughly, minus the dryness.. my skin loves it! :) 



"After I was discharged from the hospital from a major surgery, my skin became very dry and flaky. I tried a few dermalogically-tested brands of body products that was highly recommended for my current skin type, but none of them worked. :( My skin condition not only didn’t improve much, it started to itch quite often too. I was introduced to Mettaglow shower wash and body cream by a good friend of mine after she saw the condition of my skin.

After 2 weeks of using them, I noticed my skin started to heal slowly.. and it was starting to feel softer and smoother. The itch had also stopped and the flaky skin were slowly healing too. They have quite a few amazing natural ingredients in their shower wash and body cream that had truly helped my skin to heal greatly!"
40s, Professional
"I am sold on Metta Glow products! My whole family is now using MK products only! Their natural botanical extracts, natural plant oils with their 100% pure essential oil blends is so welcoming!
My skin has become softer and more hydrated! Love the honest ingredients in their products! Feels that it caters to the different needs of my family. I want my children to have the best!"
30s, proud mother of 2 and working mum
"It’s natural, quality is there, and smells great too! Simply love the plant-derived ingredients.. so natural.. so healing..  My skin feels so much more softer and supple! And the relaxing blend of pure essential oils in their bath and body range are so calming... especially under a hot shower.. lovely!
late 20s, creative consultant
My occupation requires me to sanitize my hands regularly. Over the years, my hands and skin have become so dry, looking tired & aged. I’ve tried many types of body and hand cream but it doesn’t help to heal as well as Mettaglow's hand cream. The cracking skin on my hands and finger joints used to ache quite bad.
But ever since I was introduced by my niece to Mettaglow Heavenly Blend hand cream, my dry, cracking skin condition has improved significantly. The skin on my hands looks so much younger and hydrated and my finger joints pain has reduced significantly."
(late 40s, Medical Officer)